Nadine Kanso.

Photographer and Jewelry Designer.

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My Name

I'm Nadine Kanso. I believe in the power of artistic expression that transcends boundaries, blending culture and modernity into a harmonious tapestry. My journey as a designer, artist, and photographer revolves around the celebration of Arabic heritage in a contemporary context.
Through Bil Arabi, my brainchild in the world of jewelry, I strive to intertwine the beauty of Arabic calligraphy with modern design sensibilities. Each piece is a canvas, capturing the essence of our rich cultural heritage within intricate forms and shapes.
My lens captures moments that speak volumes about identity, culture, and the human experience. Through my photography, I aim to unveil stories that resonate with the soul, weaving narratives that bridge the past and the present.
My passion lies in the fusion of tradition and innovation, creating art that not only captivates but also speaks a universal language. I aspire for my work to inspire, provoke thought, and embrace the depth of our cultural roots while embracing the ever-evolving world around us.

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Phone: +971 50 553 7606

Email: info@nadinekanso.com